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Currently, more and more NBA players are wearing low-cut basketball shoes. This is because it is no longer the case that low-cut sneakers offer less protection and benefits for the player. Unparalleled safety comes from the roll-off angle, heel and midfoot locking, and no-frills feel—not the height of a basketball shoe, but the support and playability of a basketball shoe. This has been confirmed. traction pattern.

Over time, the Zoom Kobe line has evolved into a signature shoe with a high-performance look and the ability to be worn year-round in the sport's hottest battles. Nike His company offers an increasingly diverse range of advanced Kobe shoes to the public.

Although the market is currently flooded with Black Mamba Zoom Kobe VI shoes, it is still worth mentioning the previous series of Kobe shoes, the Zoom Kobe V, which is considered the more advanced Zoom Kobe IV. The Nike Zoom Kobe V is characterized by its light weight. This series of shoes was a huge success due to special requests from Kobe Bryant, including the reintroduction of Zoom Air in the forefoot of the shoe and an even thinner upper construction, among other things. As a result of these requests, the shoe's weight has been reduced from 12.0 ounces for the size 9 Zoom KOBE IV to 10.5 ounces for the Zoom KOBE V.

Secondly, this shoe provides players with a good opportunity to perform quickly on the pitch. This shoe is flashy, explosive, and most suitable for slashing. Sharp and precise when cutting, soft and responsive when landing. However, if the balance between comfort, fit, and support could be improved a bit, this shoe would be just about perfect. We can't fault the excellent upper material of this shoe. The eyelets are targeted and well-sized. The external heel counter immobilizes the player perfectly and allows precise control of every movement. A highly breathable foam mesh tongue allows air to escape more easily. Although the shoe's upper is thinner, lighter, and constructed with less material, this shoe still provides great support and carries over everything that works for comfort and fit. For those interested in Kobe shoes, the Nike Zoom Kobe V is one of the best options.

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