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There are more reasons for you to consider enrolling in Centennial College's recreation and leisure services programme after graduating from high school. You've decided to pursue an unconventional field of study. This indicates that you are someone who thinks doing what you love may be a fulfilling way to make a career.


It was a smart choice, I must say! I would want to provide more justifications for your desire to study recreation and leisure when you apply to this programme. Here it is:


1. For recreation, billions of dollars are being spent.

Feeling pleasantly surprised? That is accurate. Billions of dollars are spent by people worldwide on travel, sports, camping, fitness, and other leisure pursuits. Are you wondering why it matters to you? Allow me to explain. This implies that the sector is already making a significant amount of money. Additionally, companies want to grow to give their clients a better experience. In addition to creating fresh recreational opportunities, they want to bring on experts who can help grow their companies. You'll be in high demand after graduating from college.


2. The sector is reinventing itself.

In general, businesses in this sector must adopt a new strategy and encourage innovation when individuals are helped by technological advancements to better serve their customers. And who will lend them a hand? Naturally, we, the Gen X and millennial workforce! Thus, enrolling in a school of community and health sciences is a terrific choice.


3. Baby boomers will require special recreation facilities and leisure services.

Well, baby boomers could require specialized leisure services and recreation facilities due to their advanced age or health issues. In Canada, the number of baby boomers is quite large. Despite their age, they are eager to indulge in their temptations. Businesses in this situation must serve this specific market, and experts like you can only assist them in reaching their objectives.


4. Recreation is vital to healthy living.

The connection between recreation and healthy life is a universal truth. Organisations that focus on youth, educational institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, municipal community centres, and corporations are all beginning to recognise the value of leisure and recreation. Professionals with the ability to counsel individuals, lead exercise sessions, develop budgets, create recreation programmes, promote events, and find, train, and allocate volunteer labour are highly sought after. The leisure service programme at Centennial College equips you to handle all of these responsibilities. Along with learning real-world recreation programming applications, you also acquire the art of dominating the present. To fully prepare you for the industry, it combines 896 hours of supervised field placement with classroom instruction.


Thus, it's a wise decision to study leisure and recreation. However, knowing what this sector has to offer makes it easier to focus your efforts on a certain area. It is advised to put in more work and go above and beyond the programme curriculum to get superior outcomes.

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