Why Are Elaboration And Elaboration So Important In Student Teaching?

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If he had to answer this question in two words, those two words would be "very important." The question is why repetition and review are so important in tutoring and teaching students. It may be obvious to many people. While some tasks and skills that we use in daily life can be done simply by learning them, many, if not most, require practice, and learning mental skills is no exception. Practicing simply means repeating a newly acquired skill until it becomes second nature.

true story

I had a friend who was teaching abroad. At the time, he taught computers from kindergarten through high school. One day, the principal asked him to fill in for one of the fourth-grade teachers. This class was a combination of his two fourth grade classes, and the class size was particularly large, so he needed two fourth grade teachers. The lessons were conducted in English, which gave him the opportunity to see his teachers in action.

The teacher started the lesson by teaching the students new grammar rules. After a few minutes, the teacher started teaching the bored students another new grammar rule. Not only did the teacher not review the lesson, she also did not give the students practice problems to practice what they had just learned.

A few more minutes passed, and the teacher began another lesson on grammar rules. My friend was already getting tired of being with the students. After her third class, which lasted about 35 to 40 minutes, the teacher gave the students an assignment related to the content covered in class. My friend was ultimately able to contribute to the class by providing individual support to his students. Well, he was practicing that day. Because every student would allow him to come to their desk or work area to answer his questions. He felt like a pinball ball bouncing from student to student. In fact, he had very few, if any, students who learned anything. Students were expected to learn new content if previously learned content had not been adequately reviewed and practiced.

The lesson learned here is to provide instruction in easy-to-understand and manageable steps and deepen the learning or tutoring experience with exercises that provide students with plenty of practice. And did we mention that even if the content is clearly understood and seems ingrained in the student's mind database, periodic revision is still necessary?

The learning process requires plenty of repetition and lots of practice. Without validation, understanding may not be fully realized, and without practice, learning may be a wasted effort.

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