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There are many ways to find online tutoring jobs, but either way, you post your resume or create an online profile to let people know what you have to offer and what kind of person you are. I need you to know a little bit about it. Your resume or profile is very important and worth the effort to provide information to students looking for online tutoring services. Here's a checklist of things you'll need or want to include.

most necessary

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Details on how to provide tutoring services (e.g., online or in the learner's home). Individual or group sessions (or both). A description of who your primary customer audience is. For example, adult learners, elementary school students, middle school students, college students, hobbyists, etc. Be sure to include any geographic boundaries (city, state, country) where students who need tutoring services live.
All special subject areas. B. tutoring services for students with learning difficulties and those for whom English is a second language.
Educational (or other relevant) qualifications. If possible, you can also mail a copy of your diploma or certificate. Your experience in education. Think about paid and unpaid work. Anything that shows you are enthusiastic about your online tutoring job and have a genuine interest in the education field is a bonus.
Online teaching experience (if any).
Your approach to online tutoring work and your own teaching philosophy. Description of methods used in tutoring services (e.g., teacher-led, virtual classroom, interactive, collaborative learning).
Qualifications. These are very important when prospective students are looking for available tutoring services. The best references are from former students, but you can also include other types of references, such as those that serve as references or demonstrate expertise in your field.

Optional additional information: The more information you can provide prospective students, the better. If you have the opportunity to provide additional information, it may be harmless and helpful.

Your photo: However, this is not required, and some people do not want it to be visible on the Internet. You can always consider headshot alternatives, such as: B. A photo of me interacting with students while teaching.
Related Links. If you have an online presence that tells students more about you and your accomplishments, you can provide potential students with additional information about you by including the URL of your website (they can find you on Google anyway). Why not save yourself the trouble of searching for it? Other personal information. There's no need to overdo it. People don't need to know your dog's name or favorite food. But with a little information about your extracurricular activities, students can learn about the kind of person you are: whether you're an outdoorsy person, a community-minded person, an active extrovert, or a serious intellectual.
It's helpful to make it clear that you can contact them at any time if they have any questions. Therefore, be sure to provide your contact details.

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