Top Jewelry Trends To Watch In 2020

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"I like that jewelry can tell a story and say something about what I'm wearing. That's more important to me than the name, the brand, or the label." Nikki Reed is a versatile actress, screenwriter, and singer. She is the model who starred in the Twilight Saga.

Jewelry has always been a woman's favorite companion. Be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or other items, women always love to adorn themselves with various jewelry to enhance their beauty. Jewelry can enhance the wearer's appearance, but it must be carefully selected according to the occasion, match the outfit, follow trends, and most importantly, be suitable for the wearer. As we head into the highly anticipated year 2020, let's take a look at the fashion trends we can expect this year.

Jewelry made from natural materials

One of the trends expected in 2020 is jewelry made from natural materials rather than precious metals. Major brands are taking the lead in creating jewelry using natural materials. Therefore, you can find jewelry made of wood, shells, stones, raffia, etc.

Tires are included. 

In 2020, fashionistas will be wearing hoops in a variety of sizes and materials. These can be worn individually or in pairs. Be careful of bullets. 

Jewelry creators are ready to offer you fashionable earrings made of metal or glass balls that hang on your ears. Spherical pendants will also dominate the 2020 fashion scene. Another trend to watch in 2020 is stringing multi-colored beads together into lasso jewelry. However, among these different types of spherical jewelry, traditional pearls remain strong and remain the choice of fashionistas.

Pearl jewelry is crafted by designers to give it a modern and trendy look. In 2020, you won't find many traditional beaded designs.

Thick chain rules

Recent runways suggest that chunky chains will replace delicate, dainty necklaces in 2020. This spring, get ready to wear chunky metal models, oversized links, and more.

Change your impression with the collar. 

The trend for 2020 is multi-layered chokers. Bigger is better, and a heavy choker makes a style statement.

Colorful jewelry this spring

Spring is the season of color. Top designers are moving away from metal motifs and choosing to offer colorful jewelry designs.

Show your courage with one ear piercing. 

A matching set of statement earrings looks attractive. But this year, fashionistas are rocking a pair of sculptural earrings for a bold, unconventional look. Transform your outfit with fake earrings. 

If you've been following the recent runways, earrings inspired by sculptural art are sure to dominate the fashion scene in 2020. Style with minimalist basics that have the power to transform your entire look.

anklet jewelry

2020 is the year when anklet jewelry becomes popular. Get ready to adorn your ankles with bright anklet jewelry.

Shoes with jewels

Why is it better to take off shoes when wearing different types of jewelry? 2020 brings you decorative shoes for those who want the perfect head-to-toe look. You can also expect shoes with metal links and crystal strands. These are some of the fashion trends to expect in 2020. Everyone likes to look trendy and cutting-edge, but the truth is that any style looks good on everyone. Therefore, when choosing a costume, jewelry, or fashion style, it is better to figure out what you can wear best and invest in that type of jewelry, rather than blindly following fashion trends.

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