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Distance learning allows students to complete their chosen courses without being physically present in the classroom at the college or university where the course is offered. Enrolling in a distance learning course is a great alternative for students who don't have time, don't have the necessary resources, or are limited by geography.

However, not all distance learning courses are valuable for your resume, as there is a high chance that your course will not be recognized. According to a statement from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, universities offering distance education courses will now comply with the UGC (University Grants Commission) Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Rules, 2017.

The UGC, through the UGC ODL Regulations, has laid down the basic educational standards for awarding degrees to students for courses taught in distance mode at the UG and PG levels. Further, as per the UGC (Credit Framework for Online Learning Courses by SWAYAM) Rules, 2016, students are eligible to take approximately 20% of the total courses offered in a semester through online learning courses.

Therefore, candidates should check the following list of distance learning courses offered by universities approved by UGC: 
Ignou University:

IGNOU is a top university offering UGC-recognized certificate programs. Established in 1985 under the IGNOU Act, it became India's first distance learning institution. Bachelor's, diploma, and master's degree programs are available. After all, it is a national resource center. The learning materials can be used by both university and non-university students. Compared to other universities offering online courses, IGNOU's tuition fees are significantly cheaper.

The university offers vocational, vocational, and general education courses. The university's main campus is located in the capital, New Delhi. IGNOU also offers programs like BA, BCom, B.Ed., Ph.D., MBA, MCA, etc.
Correspondence Learning Coexistence Center (SCDL):

This university is located in Pune and is part of the famous Symbiosis Institute of Business and Management. This is the most prestigious law school and center of business administration. The university's areas of expertise are finance, human resources, marketing, operations, logistics, and supply chains. The most famous course is supply chain management. Courses in information technology and business analysis are also offered. As a result of their education at this university offering distance learning courses in India, many students have found employment in top companies across the world.
NMIMS Global

The MBA (distance and online mode) is especially aimed at professionals who wish to advance their careers during their working years.


High Corporate Recognition: NMIMS's management programs are widely appreciated by companies, and in India alone, he has been accepted by over 8,000 leading companies. The two-year curriculum uses case study methodology to strengthen essential management skills. Learn whenever and wherever you want. Maintain a healthy work-life balance while learning new skills. Choose from live or recorded courses, browse an extensive electronic library, read lecture notes, and more in your free time. Choose from 10 ready-to-use specializations: All specializations offer a comprehensive and relevant curriculum to develop and apply your skills.

All NMIMS-deemed programs of SVKM University are accredited and recognized by the UGC-DEB of India, thus ensuring the programs have the highest level of academic leadership. In 2018, UGC granted us autonomous Category I status, and NAAC granted us Class A+ certification. IIT Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras, a national research institute, has just launched an online learning platform. UGC-approved online courses include a Diploma in Data Science, a Diploma in Programming, and a Bachelor's Degree in Programming and Data Science. The institute is known for its contributions to basic and applied research, technical education, innovation, entrepreneurship, and industrial consulting. It is expected that more of his IITs will join this online course program. In India, the institute offers a wide range of UGC-certified online courses. Diploma in Data Science

This is one of the two UGC-accredited online education courses offered by IIT Madras and teaches you the fundamentals of analyzing, structuring, and interpreting data sets.

Self-study, self-study, self-study, self-study, self-study The fee is Rs. 55,000.

Bachelor's degree in Programming and Data Science

To earn this UGC-accredited online degree, you need to complete 8 undergraduate levels and 12 diploma levels.

3 years,

1,00,000 rupees as commission.

diploma in programming

This is the second of two highly popular UGC online certification courses that will show you how to systematically design scalable web apps.

At your own pace, at your own pace, at your own pace, at your own pace 

The fee is 55,000 rupees. SMU (Sikkim Manipal University):

This is one of the top distance learning universities in the country. This university was established by the governments of Sikkim and Manipal to facilitate the education of students who are unable to attend due to lack of time or work commitments at their respective locations. Distance education universities in India include all the courses offered for study in the distance education system.


For many people, attending college from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. has become a luxury during this rush hour. Many people may not have the time or financial resources to do this. Universities offering these UGC-accredited online courses vary in price range (depending on whether they are private or public), and there are many options to choose from depending on your budget and time constraints. You can be sure that these certified UGC-approved online courses will take your professional field to new heights.

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