Tips To Protect Your Precious Jewelry While Traveling

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"Traveling isn't always fun. It's not always comfortable. Sometimes it can hurt and break your heart. But that's okay." Anthony Bourdain

Carrying your favorite jewelry with you definitely makes traveling more difficult. Even if you are an experienced traveler, you should take some precautions to avoid pieces falling apart or getting lost. With these tips to protect your jewelry, you won't have to worry about wearing delicate or heavy jewelry. These tips are easy to follow and can prevent confusion. Check out our most important tips below.

think wisely

You need to decide whether you want to wear a statement necklace that will grab everyone's attention or a delicate pearl necklace that will go with most outfits. A good rule of thumb is to choose your jewelry carefully. If you are attending a wedding or ceremony, you have no choice but to opt for gorgeous jewelry. However, if you are planning a beach vacation, choose lightweight items. Prepare the list. 

Make a list of all the jewelry you wear. Don't forget to click on their pictures too. Some insurance agents suggest this method. Moving also helps you keep track of all the items packed. We recommend that you leave a copy of this list on your home computer. Wear it if possible. 

Wear all jewelry if possible, as it is not safe to leave it in checked baggage. Place heavy, conspicuous, or very expensive-looking items in various small bags before placing them in your wallet to prevent theft.

buy jewelry organizer

Such organizers are easily available both in online and offline stores. Many come with a small mirror inside, so you can wear your favorite jewelry on the plane or bus. These organizers are suitable for storing necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings and are available in a variety of materials, such as plastic, fabric, and leather. Some people use plastic straws to organize pendants and necklaces, placing each one in a separate straw and attaching a clasp. Piercing pill boxes are great for organization and are easy to use.

However, despite all efforts, sometimes unpleasant events occur. Therefore, one of your favorite pieces may get tangled or broken. Don't panic! Instead of blaming yourself and ruining your vacation, it's best to go to your local jewelry repair shop. Look for a jewelry store that offers repair services such as basic soldering, cleaning, and polishing so that your jewelry can be repaired quickly. If you have wanderlust, nothing can stop you. You don't even have to worry about your beloved jewelry getting tangled, broken, or, worse, lost. So enjoy your trip without thinking too much about how to protect your jewelry. You can always buy new jewelry.

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