The Greatest Method For Succeeding In Career-Oriented Courses Following Graduation

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As a result of competitiveness, job seekers in the market submit to pressure to acquire the skill set required for a position. Training programmes that are focused on the job meet the requirement to define a career and enhance performance. Eligible applicants decide to join these skill-building and confidence-boosting training programmes to gain advanced talents. Candidates get further empowerment through a variety of different advantages from short-term job-oriented courses that provide supplementary training.


Students who enrol in professional courses are better able to perform and have a clear career path. One such short-term programme that helps young people get several opportunities in the IT sector following graduation is HCL First Careers. This programme, which has a 360-degree framework, aims to empower and develop recent college graduates who want to register for career-oriented courses following graduation.


The programme module is designed to provide applicants with the knowledge and abilities needed for a well-paying position in the information technology industry.

The programme equips applicants with the practical abilities that employers in the modern workplace want from qualified employees. All obstacles are removed by expert advice, allowing for a seamless transition to industrial norms. Freshmen become skilled professionals through an organised and effective transfer.


The trainees work in several departments such as Business Services, Financial Support System, and Human Resource Support Centre throughout a specific training term. Later in a trainee's career, the HCL First Careers programme offers advantages. Accelerating professional advancement and creating realistic career possibilities are the objectives. Graduate engineers and recent grads are often accepted into the programme.


Fresher's program:

The Fresher Engineers First Careers programme is intended to prepare applicants for entry-level positions at HCL. Following three months of professional practice and three months of extensive virtual classroom training, the candidates begin working on real-world, international projects. Understanding real-life problems is facilitated by engagement with clients in real-time. The job-oriented programme places trainees in demanding situations so they may gain experience and adjust to different contexts. After completing the HCL First Careers training programme, engineering graduates are employed in a variety of professions, including application development, testing, IT maintenance, and support.


Graduate Program:

The graduates of the HCL First Careers programme are placed in entry-level non-technical jobs within HCL. Candidates get office and virtual classroom instruction throughout the programme. Many career paths are made available by the Graduate Programme, and prospective students can select a path based on their goals and aspirations for future professional development. The First Careers programme helps participants realise their potential and prepares them to be valuable assets in the workforce. The programme promises to provide the greatest skill-based training available for entry-level positions at HCL. The applicants must pass a rigorous training and selection process.


Eligibility Criteria:

The programme requires applicants to have a UG in any humanities or scientific track. Priority is given to IT and CSC. The candidate must have received 60% or higher in class XII and 60% or higher upon graduation. None at all for the petitioner to have "Standing Arrears." Registration kicks off the selection process, which then moves on to online counselling, online HR screening, and online V&A assessment. The candidate's destiny is determined in the last round, an online panel interview.


Accelerated Professional progress: Through certificates that hasten professional progress, the trainees get access to a variety of learning and development possibilities. The finest chance to launch a career is the chance to work for HCL and launch a worldwide career.


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