Should We Provide Financial Support To The Government Of Pakistan?

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So my answer to this question is yes. I am not in favor of giving aid to the Pakistanis, but if it helps end the war they have been waging for nine years, then it must be done. I suspect that the Pakistanis feel that they owe us something just because we are providing financial aid to them, but neither does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am sure. I think they understand that economic aid to Pakistanis is just a means to an end. We know that they are not interested in money, but they need money to carry out military operations. We also need funding for much-needed assistance from Pakistanis. We essentially pushed the Pakistanis into a corner. Haqqani's ties to the Taliban network are much deeper than its ties to the United States. They had been allied with the Haqqani tribe for a long time. They will have to live and fight the Taliban even after we leave. So who do you think will keep their loyalty? 
They have collaborated on many sensitive projects and operations over the years. The Haqqanis work for Pakistan's intelligence agencies, and Pakistanis have provided material, financial, and moral support to their efforts in the region. These bonds are much deeper than money. The ties between the Haqqanis, the intelligence services, and the government are too close and deep to expect them to be severed for economic reasons. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Westerners are ignorant of the way Arabs think. Take, for example, the reward for Osama bin Laden. Despite the large sums of money involved, no one has come forward. The millions of dollars offered for his arrest are more than enough to get someone a life sentence, but even after he shed many tears, he still has no takers. Arabs take their social relationships, whether with friends or family, very seriously. Also consider that if peace and stability are a given in Afghanistan, it may not be in the best interests of Pakistanis.

The Pakistanis have been trying to gain some control over the Afghan government for years, and what better way to achieve that than by giving rebel forces the training and equipment to go on the ground and fight? do not have. They are notoriously slow to respond to requests for U.S. assistance in the fight against the Taliban, particularly the Haqqani network. Yes, they will accept any help we give, but in the end, they will not rush to fight the Taliban. Confidence in America and NATO's ability to win wars is waning, and the incentive to support us is waning even further. The Taliban exerts significant influence over civilians. Therefore, if they are not appeased, it could cause serious problems for the Pakistani government. Other Arab countries in the region are not pro-American, and the Pakistani government needs to take this into consideration as well. If they appear too kind, they will certainly incur the wrath of their Arab brethren.

General McChrystal's negative press coverage has not helped the situation at all recently. It gave the impression that a schizophrenic America was trying to cling to a lost cause. When a country's leaders disagree about a situation, it is a sign that there is a serious underlying problem. These statements are why many State Department officials have traveled to the region to emphasize unity. If you change your definition of victory, you can definitely win the war. We can never destroy the Taliban, so let's stop. Give a severe blow to Al Qaeda and leave the area to protect your borders. military ring express.

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