Mobile Phone Abuse Among Adolescents

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How have times changed? Ten years ago, it was rare to see teenagers walking down the street chatting on their cell phones. Now they're everywhere. According to children who own mobile phones, it is especially a status symbol for them. Nowadays, the number of teenagers with mobile phones has increased significantly, and they account for the majority of mobile phone users worldwide. And that brings a whole new set of problems. As long as it has a negative impact on young people.

It is alarming that the prices of basic goods are increasing day by day, but free mobile connectivity, unlimited SMS packages, and free talk time are available at very low prices. That's strange.

More and more parents are seeking the added convenience of being able to contact their children at any time. While most people can understand why teens should have cell phones for safety reasons, these numbers are so graphic that they have a strong negative impact on all of us. In the United States alone, more than 20% of fatal car crashes involving teenage drivers were caused by cell phone use. This continues to increase, and similar statistics exist in other parts of the world.

Parents usually give their children mobile phones so that they can track school activities and better communicate with their children. However, they do not pay attention to the fact that children abuse this opportunity and continue to chat, send messages, etc., thereby negatively impacting their studies and careers. Today, mobile phone messaging has become a part of the lifestyle of most teenagers. They are innocent and cannot imagine any dire consequences at this time. Some boys and girls talk for hours at home, even late at night. A student sends a large number of text messages during class. The chances of students trying to cheat during the exam are very high, especially since some messages are sent during the exam and modern mobile phones have internet capabilities. This can cause serious social problems. Can parents do anything to protect their children? Yes, it is possible by monitoring children and their activities. Educate your children about the responsibilities that come with using a cell phone. Let them know what is acceptable and what is not.

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