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Our professional lives are significantly shaped by our qualifications. And although we acknowledge that education alone cannot launch a profession, it does play a significant role in launching one. But with the development of the internet, knowledge is now easily accessible to anyone. University graduates are not the only ones with knowledge, and the days of needing a degree to find employment are long gone. Today's sectors are more interested in abilities than in credentials, so if you have what they're looking for, nothing can stop you from succeeding. Candidates who passed their 10th or 12th-grade exam should start their careers with the jobs on this well-chosen list.

1. Data entry operator

No matter how big or small, businesses always need someone to enter their data. Without data entry, data analysis would not be feasible. Data input is currently a very easy activity that just needs a basic understanding of computers. This is maybe the ideal chance for you if you could make it happen. Starting as an operator, you may advance to higher roles by earning certifications.

2. BPO

Business process outsourcing is becoming well-known in urban areas and provides job prospects for a sizable population. Telecalling employees at BPO companies are not required to hold any particular degree. At BPO centres, a strong command of the necessary language is sufficient to land a job.

3. Digital marketing

The discipline of digital marketing is expanding at an exponential rate. To your surprise, a degree is not necessary to succeed in this sector or obtain employment. All you require is an understanding of digital marketing. With online platforms, you may quickly learn digital marketing skills in today's internet-driven environment and start using them at work.

4. Content writing

Use your writing abilities to your advantage—content writing is one of the most in-demand career paths. With millions of websites in existence worldwide, content writers are required to provide natural, error-free, and easily comprehensible material. You might easily land a job at any company if you could manage to do so. All you need is the ability to write gripping narratives. Besides, after you start working, you might always pick up new talents.

5. Government jobs

Yes, people without degrees can work in government positions. Many positions are reserved especially for applicants who have completed their 12th grade. If you pass the CHSL test, you can work as a lower division clerk or as a data entry operator. The starting wage range of $18,000 might go a long way if you start working for a government agency.

After passing your 12th-grade test, you can further your career using some of these choices. The aforementioned vocations are not the only ones available; there are many more. This list is not exhaustive.


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