Important Tips To Consider Before Choosing A Windows Vps Hosting Plan

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If you are looking for VPS hosting as one of the options for your website, Windows VPS hosting in India is one of the most popular options. However, before deciding to use Windows VPS, there are many things to consider to make the right choice.

Our goal is to consider all factors that influence decision-making.

Features required for Windows VPS

You should check if your VPS hosting has the following features:

1) Security: Windows VPS hosting in India should offer security features such as BitLocker, which encrypts all data. In addition, the server also requires a Windows firewall to block unwanted traffic on selected unused ports.

2) Administrative Access: Full administrative capabilities are also required to view analytical details about the workloads processed by the server.

3) Virtual Desktops: The best VPS hosting companies in India offering Linux VPS hosting and Windows hosting should allow you to use your server as a virtual desktop. This feature is useful for applications that require dedicated resources.

4) Backward Compatibility: You should also check if your server offers backward compatibility. This type of backward compatibility helps you run Windows apps that can be used as both 64-bit and 32-bit applications. Therefore, servers require compatibility mode to run applications that run on earlier versions of Windows.

5) RAID 50: Choosing the best VPS hosting company will give you fail-safe storage. Make sure you use RAID 50 for your SSD.

The benefit is that in the event of a disk failure, the VPS server seamlessly fails over to another hot spare in the RAID 50 storage array.

6) Reinstallation: According to your cheap VPS hosting provider, there should be a way to reinstall the operating system if necessary, in addition to logging into the serial console and the ability to view IP addresses, statistics, and logs.

7) Managed Services: If you lack technical knowledge, it is important to know whether a cheap VPS hosting provider offers managed services. The benefit of such managed services is that the service provider takes over functions such as installing software and scripts on your behalf. The company is also responsible for addressing configuration and hardware issues.

8) Control Panel: Windows hosting, like Linux VPS hosting in India, should offer multiple choices in terms of the control panel you are allowed to use.

From Webmin to Plesk to cPanel, you should have a variety of options to choose from, depending on your control panel proficiency.

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