How To Wear A Statement Necklace

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It can be said that jewelry and women are synonymous. They go hand in hand. Gold, diamond, pearl, kundan, and silver jewelry are endless options for women. Jewelry helps a woman discover her new self within herself.

An elegant and trendy look with designer charm is the demand of today's fashion. This new style statement has also penetrated the wholesale jewelry market. In the new era, simple and light ornaments are preferred over the heavy jewelry of the earlier period. The sophisticated geometric design is very trendy. Wholesale UK statement necklaces are also very elegant and come in a variety of shapes. Wholesale UK statement necklaces are perfect for transforming a casual outfit into a more put-together and dressy outfit.

Tips for wearing statement necklaces:

Keep your look simple so that the necklace takes center stage. 

Let your necklace be the focal point of your entire outfit. Therefore, be sure to wear casual clothing that matches your necklace. Avoid wearing earrings unless they are very discreet. 

If your earrings are as eye-catching as your necklace, people won't be able to focus on them. Choose not to wear earrings or choose to wear small pearl studs.

Reduce the use of rings and bracelets. 

It's okay to wear glitter on your arms, but don't overdo it. A classic ring goes well with a simple bracelet that matches your outfit or a statement necklace.

Match your statement necklace to your neckline. 

You don't want your top to be distracting and draw attention to your necklace. Off-the-shoulder, strapless V-neck, or scoop-neck tops are best paired with statement necklaces.

Add bright colors to a simple outfit. 

If you're wearing boring colors like white, black, gray, or cream, wearing a statement necklace in a bright color will spruce up your outfit.

Wear a solid-color statement necklace with your colorful outfit. 

If you already wear a lot of bright colors in your outfit, wear a statement necklace in a solid color. Black is a color that goes well with anything. A diamond statement necklace also goes well with bold outfits.

Mix and match with statement necklaces for a trendy option. You can wear several different statement necklaces that pair well with each other. Make sure they are all different lengths so that each necklace is visible on your neck.

Show off your statement necklace by wearing a V-neck. 

V-neck shirts and dresses are perfect for showing off a statement necklace. For the best look, make sure the necklace rests on exposed skin and not in a V-neck.

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