How To Use Linkedin To Connect With Employers To Find A Job

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The days of using social networking sites just for private amusement are long gone. Professional networking services such as LinkedIn and social networking platforms have become increasingly popular among companies and job seekers as a quicker and more efficient means of communication. But is there a particular method for getting in touch with recruiters?

This post provides four easy-to-follow procedures for getting in touch with a recruiter without any difficulties.

1. Narrow down your search for the correct person

Make sure you have the right profile before you start carrying out your plans to approach recruiters. Look up the individual on any other social media site, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Look into them, look over their biographies, and learn more about the job they've done. We are all genuinely now closer thanks to the internet. Make an effort to gain from it. Ensure complete awareness before submitting your connection request.

2. Send the personalized message with the connection request

Send your connection request after you are certain about who you want to connect with. It's insufficient, though. Send in a personalised message by providing a succinct yet striking self-introduction. It is imperative that you explicitly indicate in your customised message why you are reaching out to that recruiter. Remember to disclose any relationship you have with them, whether it's first or second level. You would come out as more sincere and earnest as a result, attracting attention. Finally, make sure that there are no simple grammar mistakes in your customised message. The message would be the recruiter's initial impression of you. Avoid tarnishing it with careless mistakes.

3. Forward your resume

Not all recruiters are very engaged on networking sites. They may not respond to you for days or even weeks at a time. Proceed with your quest while exercising patience. As soon as they approve your connection request, you should provide your most recent resumes. In this manner, you could get their attention by appearing on their messaging screen. Send in the resumes and let them know your area of interest if they respond to your customised message. Start a discussion with them and provide them with your business email address and phone number.

4. Follow up

Follow-up is one of the most important aspects of communication. Instead of sending them a tonne of messages, check in with them every two or three days so they can gauge your progress. Other people are using LinkedIn to connect with recruiters besides you. There are many people just like you, so being in the loop is the only way to stand out.

It is advised that you first establish a robust and active LinkedIn profile for yourself if you are talking with recruiters on the platform. Use it for more than simply job searches. Rather, utilise it as a platform for thought leadership and to develop a distinctive professional identity. Recruiters are more likely to reply to these self-explanatory profiles.


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