How Does Financial Support Work?

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Tip #1: Complete the FAFSA early.

First of all, FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federation Student Aid and is the application form below.

state and federal student aid
work study

The high school senior will be eligible to file her FAFSA starting January 1st. Due to high competition among many students in need of financial aid, it is important to submit early. This is the ideal method for applying for federal aid because the information is verified before being sent to the processing agency. Filing the FAFSA online can save weeks of processing time. Common mistakes students make

Apply too late; I
didn't read the instructions. 
Submitting an incomplete application
Using her SSN incorrectly
Tax forms filled out by parents

Tip #2: Complete your CSS Financial Aid Profile. 

Students tend to confuse their FAFSA form and CSS profile. However, the two have different purposes.

The CSS Profile is provided by the College Board as a financial application service and can be used to apply for institutional financial aid programs and private scholarships at individual schools. Alternatively, the FAFSA is only for federal programs.

Although the FAFSA is free, there is a $25 fee to complete the CSS Profile form for each school you wish to apply to. Additional schools cost $16 per application. The fee waiver applies to a limited number of low-income households.

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