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Preparatory classes are comprehensive classes that cover multiple subjects, but if desired, he will focus on one area. Specialist instructors provide instruction in specific subjects at advanced levels. Covers most subjects taught in high school.

Hire Education was founded by Rory Brachner in 2003 and has grown over the years as demand for private lessons increased. We currently operate nationally in major cities such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town. One-on-one lessons with learners represent a completely different motivation than classroom teaching, resulting in a high demand for one-on-one tutoring. Large learning groups and limited time constraints prevent individual learners from receiving the attention they deserve. Private additional lessons focus on the learner, a topic that needs attention, or just a specific area.

Not all learners ask us for help because they don't understand a subject or want to pass after failing. Some learners manage to master most concepts and achieve relatively good results. These learners can rely on our tutoring company as a mentor who excels in turning B's into A's.

Our instructors are ready for any situation. This is one of the reasons why we begin the series of lessons with her 3-hour introductory package. The introductory package assesses students and subjects. Next, create a plan that includes the course of action you should take. From this assessment, you will receive feedback and recommendations on how to achieve these goals. If your child struggles with one or more subjects in school, it's not the end of the world. There are always tutoring solutions that make a difference. Learners can fall behind for a variety of reasons, including learning difficulties, personality inconsistencies, and a lack of personal attention in the classroom. Our instructors can address these issues by using the first three lessons to assess learners and plan their teaching methods.

Time constraints are one of the problems teachers face in the classroom when they have to complete the work they have planned for a particular lesson. Even if individualized attention is scheduled, students may not receive the individualized attention they need. This is where tutoring solutions can make a difference. Perhaps the most important feature of Hire Education's tutoring solution is that lessons are always one-on-one. The advantage of one-on-one tutoring is that the instructor can assess and address the individual needs of a particular learner. As a mentor, a tutor can understand what motivates your child and adapt their teaching methods accordingly. Mentoring motivates your child to work independently between classes and take pride in their successes. If your child is negative about a particular topic, our tutoring solutions will provide encouragement, and you will see improvement as their confidence is restored.

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