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LCS® is one of the leading providers of document translation services. We provide translation services in almost all Indian, Asian, European, and African languages. As geographic boundaries expand and the world becomes smaller, language barriers need to be removed. LCS®'s wide range of language, technology (software localization), and desktop publishing translation services make it easy to reach any location.

LCS® has over 4,000 employees and provides multilingual services in almost every field. We provide high-quality translation services in almost all areas, including:


technology, and




business administration



Research and development 


When translating documents, you need to understand the terminology, culture, sentiment, and language usage of local people. Our experienced translators pay attention to all these aspects when translating your document. A properly translated document instantly enhances your customer's image. At LCS®, we take our customer reputation very seriously. Documents are assigned to native she-speaker translators with deep expertise.

Our translators undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest language developments in the industry. Using tools like CAT, SDLX, and Trados also ensures consistency in translations. We have a dedicated team of quality auditors to ensure that the translation quality meets your requirements. These ensure that the original meaning is preserved when the document is translated.

A source document may contain a proverb that does not make sense when translated word-for-word into the target language. Therefore, it is very important to have deep technical and linguistic skills when translating documents. Our translators and quality analysts emphasize correct language usage and high-quality terminology. LCS® also honors customer-specified deadlines. We understand that delays in delivering projects on time can be costly to our customers. Therefore, we follow proper processes to produce high-quality document translations.

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