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Do you feel overwhelmed by your jewelry choices when shopping?

Have you bought statement jewelry that suits your personality but doesn't suit your face shape?

Do you want to know how to look current, stylish, and harmonious without looking like a fashionista?
Just as color analysis allows you to discover the most harmonious shade for your personality and make you look younger and shine with health, by wearing the right jewelry that harmonizes with your face shape, you can Facial features are emphasized to maximize your impression. Now let's take a look at costume jewelry. First, you need to determine the overall shape of your face and the contours of your facial features. To do this, first test the lipstick to see how it looks on the outer lines of your face. Look in the mirror, trace the contours of your face with lipstick, then take a step back. Does it resemble an oval or a round shape? If not, could it be a square, rectangle, or even a diamond? Triangles and inverted triangles are less common, but they do occur. The outer shape gives an overall impression and can be compared or combined with the inner lines to guide the optimal shape of accessories worn close to the face. costume jewelry uk

Next, take a ruler and place it horizontally on your eyebrows. Are your eyebrows more angular and straight, or more arched and defined?
When you hold the ruler vertically over your nose, do you see his two lines on either side of your nose, or does your nose have a more rounded outline?
Finally, when you hold a ruler over your mouth, do your lips look quite thin and straight (square), or are they fuller and more defined? Now you have determined your face shape and whether your facial features are angular or defined. Below, we'll show you the types of costume jewelry that best suit your face shape.

Examples of angular and functional shapes and designs:

angular chain links, squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, 3D shapes, zigzag shapes, crosses, bars, stars, and polished stones. Examples of contoured and functional shapes and designs are:

curved chain links, round hoops, ovals, swirls, shells, buttons, hearts, scrolls, beads, flowers, and pear drops.

If your skin is sensitive to metal, you can also try other options using a leather strap to which you can attach a pendant dropper. When it comes to color, brown is best for warm skin tones, while black or gray are best for cool skin tones. To elongate a short neck, wear long or teardrop-shaped pendants that draw the eye upward in vertical lines. Also, if you have a double chin, avoid necklaces as well, as this will only accentuate it. For women with a more figure-hugging figure, statement earrings and necklaces draw attention to your face and keep others from noticing your wobbly areas.

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