Agm Gopro Hero3 Brushless 2-Axis Camera Gimbal Review

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Camera gimbals or camera mounts are the newest devices in the RC market and are used to capture clear flight photos and videos. This cool device allows RC modelers to position the camera at any angle.

Today we will learn about the 2-axis brushless camera gimbal for the GoPro Hero3 made by AGM. Like other gimbals, this AGM 2-axis brushless camera mount features a direct-drive brushless motor for easy assembly and installation.

Designed in classic blue, the usual color of AGM products, it has an all-metal frame and a small, lightweight, and fashionable design. Direct-drive gimbal motors, which are always used for long-distance photography and collection, use two motors to achieve high-speed movement. The motor receives signals from a controller on the ground for precise positioning. See the photos in this article.

As you can see, this cool device has a simple design and is easy to install on airplanes and repair on his GoPro Hero3. All parameters of this device are factory-set at the time of shipment and do not require any adjustment. The device weighs only 390g, which is extremely light for a device of this type. The light weight of the camera gimbal facilitates aircraft flight and other movements. Any RC enthusiast who has played with camera gimbals should know that vibrations can occur when flying an aircraft in the air. However, this AGM GoPro Hero3 2-axis brushless camera gimbal performs well in this regard. At least it has anti-vibration rubber balls to reduce vibrations.

Also, this cool item can be rotated through an angle range of -45° to 45° (rotation angle) and -60° to 60° (tilt). Also, this camera gimbal has passed many tests at different temperatures and can work at temperatures as low as -15°C and at high temperatures up to 65°C. You can use it to take any photos or videos you want, depending on your needs.

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